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Shattered Pieces

Have you ever questioned God by asking how can He restore the shattered, scarred pieces of your heart? Things may be in total disarray, right at this very moment, in almost every area of your life emotionally and physically. Your heart can be broken in so many pieces that there is a feeling of numbness. […]

The Woman at the Well

This message is for mothers, women, young ladies, girls and, yes, men too. In John 4, Jesus allows us to see our loving Father and how He gently stirs us on the path that He has laid before us. It doesn’t matter how far off the path we may be. We see a woman, a […]

You are a Gem

You are a rare gem in this world of billions of people.  There is ONLY one you.  There is no other person that fits your DNA.  God uniquely created you!  We are all flawed in one way or another.  Be encouraged to embrace who God has created you to be.  God makes no mistakes.  He […]

God’s Timing

God’s timing is everything! We all have dreams and goals that we desire to achieve.  Those dreams come from God! He’s given us the necessary gifts to complete each dream that He has placed inside each of us.  Often times we come up with our own plan and how we think things should work. Which […]

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Why Fearsome?

The name Fearsome Four sounds very …rough!  But there is a reason that God gave that name.  So this is what happened…

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