Blinded by the Fine


A good friend of mine came up with the saying “blinded by the fine” one day when we were sitting around talking about men and realized that as women we tend to look over all of the red flashing lights and flags telling us; “STOP, DON’T DO IT,” because we are caught up in the potential of a man.  We are simply blinded.  As humans, we are all visual individuals.  We look at the appearance of an individual.  As women, we tend to look at the outside appearance to equate for the lack of personality, lack of security, lack of provision, and possibly the lack of love.  We become blinded by the outwardly and worldly image of man that we forget what and who that man has already shown you.  I know that none of you ladies have ever experienced a relationship where you fall so fast and deep for a man that you brush off the fact that he has none of the qualifies you have asked God for.  He is there; He is handsome; He is fly; He is everything the world wants.  I have experienced this on more occasions that I would prefer.

As women, in our relationships we let a lot of things go to the left.  For instance; he disappeared for an entire weekend, pushed to the left; he lied about the smallest situation, pushed to the left; he does not like to talk on the phone only through text messaging, pushed to the left; and of course he is never on time and never plans any of your outings; all pushed to the left.  Pushed over because we feel in our hearts that he has the potential to be a good man. Let me ask you this; did you pray to God before entering into this relationship?  Did you ask God to show you the red flags?  Did you write down what you want in a husband?  I have done all of these things, but was never consistent in prayer.  I wrote down what I wanted in a man from the way he looked, job he held, down to the relationship he has with Christ.  I was very specific.  From personal experience, when a man I was dealing with did not call, did not show up, or disappeared for days; I would cry out to God and say, “Why me God?  Why does it seem like it’s not working out?”  One day I asked God these two questions and he gave me a clear-cut answer.  He said, “Did you not ask me to show you if this man was for you?  I have shown you since the day you met him!”  Simple as that.  I went back to where I wrote what I wanted in a man and you know what, he did not meet not one of the qualities I asked God for.  For example, somethings I wrote was “Tall, clean shaven, family oriented and put God first in all that he does.”  I strayed so far from what I wanted and what God wanted for me.  I was blinded.

God continuously shows us those flashing red lights and signs saying “Stay Away” but we are usually wrapped up in the worldly image and vision of man when God is clearly telling us, “Daughter I have something and someone greater in store for you.”  By overlooking and not listening to what God tells us, we are blocking our blessing of finding that man on our list.  It is important that before God gives us that man that we understand we need to be content in Him first.  Philippians 4:11-13 (AMP) tells us to be content in Christ and this will satisfy us.

11 Not that I speak from [any personal] need, for I have learned to be content [and self-sufficient through Christ, satisfied to the point where I am not disturbed or uneasy] regardless of my circumstances. 12 I know how to get along and live humbly [in difficult times], and I also know how to enjoy abundance and live in prosperity.  In any and every circumstance I have learned the secret [of facing life], whether well-fed or going hungry, whether having an abundance or being in need. 13 I can do all things [which He has called me to do] through Him who strengthens and empowers me [to fulfill His purpose—I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency; I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him who infuses me with inner strength and confident peace.]” (AMP).

Romans 8:25

25 But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait eagerly for it with patience and composure



Father God, I pray for wisdom in guidance when entering into a new relationship; whether romantic or friendship. I pray that you give me the ears to hear and the eyes to see any red flags that may hinder my walk with you. I pray that you give me contentment within You before you bring a new person into my life.  Give me the strength to let go and move on.  Father, you promised that if we asked anything according to your will, it will be granted. Father, I prayer for a spirit of discernment. Take away my blindness; so therefore I can see what you have in store for me.  Amen.



Danielle is passionate about supporting and reinforcing young women in their walk with God by engaging in authenticity and boldness. Danielle believes the Fearsome Four “will touch the lives of young women locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally; to convey the love God has for His daughters.”
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